From my early years, I've been deeply passionate about Luxury brands... Swiss watches, German & Italian cars, French travel goods, Nordic design, etc... Born in 1974, today, everytime I open an old magazine, I travel back in the days of my childhood, with a sweet nostalgia, when products were made with passion, love & savoir-faire. From the 30's till the mid 90's, advertising people have been very creative, designing and copyrighting beautiful ads. Hunting and collecting those magazines has become a passion, a quest, an excitement. And when I find the grail of vintage advertisement, I gently cut it and preserve it. From a Rolex GMT flying with Pan-Am on Concorde, to the first 911 delivered in Belgium, each one of them tells a story. And of course a part of our story. And I'm here to share it with you. P.S. All pictures are original, authentic, from real magazines, no copy, no filter. Scanned with CanoScan LiDE400.

GMT 001.jpg